Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chromosome Test Healthy Baby

the child's birth is a healthy and disabled, and the desire of each parent should be. Now children will be born healthy by the scientists of the laboratory equipment to make sure that you can be.

Detector detects fetal chromosomal abnormalities chromosomal chromosome aneuploidy embryos the right to scan. This is the last number of Down's syndrome is a result of the abnormal chromosome in a cell was removed and only healthy embryos can be selected.

technology of artificial insemination, the husband's sperm in the laboratory by the ovary to be fertilized eggs will usually 24. Sciences, and the form of the fetus, by looking at the size of a child re-implanted into a healthy embryo to choose. Unfortunately, this method is usually less than the correct selection of fetus.

In other cases, a problem with a doctor in two or more embryos to increase chances of pregnancy implants. As a result, it is always a risk that the fetus and the pregnant mothers where, even pregnancy happens.

This is the latest technology through the chromosome examination, the doctor that, more than five days and the embryos will be an example of the 23 chromosomes of a pair of double-check. Embryos implanted into the womb after the mother's health, and selected.

Trying to work, 80 percent of the participants is to check the chromosomes of the women born in the successful IVF (in vitro fertilization) was. The average success rate of IVF more successful only in 20-30 per cent.

In addition to providing a healthy child, this method also often difficult to get pregnant, and went to check the existence of the gap for women under the age of 40.


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